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We occasionally have large quantities of confidential papers held in bags and boxes that need to be shredded. We use Paper Shredding Services for this and they even help us by taking away the empty bags and boxes for recycling. A certificate confirming that all of our material has been shredded and recycled is issued to us, perfect for our audits. All very efficient.
RentLocally, Edinburgh
Twice a year we clear out all of our old files and call on Paper Shredding Services to visit and shred. They give us bags to fill in advance and when ready we give them a call to arrange to have one of their shredding trucks visit us. Their operators are very obliging as the bags are stored on the first floor and they happily come up and get them.
Lessells Landscaping, Lasswade, Edinburgh
We have been using Paper Shredding Services office cabinets. They sit nicely at the ends of our desks so getting our confidential documents into them is easy. The emptying takes place every two weeks and they guys are quite happy to take any additional bags or boxes for shredding. A great wee service!
Richard Greenwood, Tick Recruitment, Edinburgh
I work from home and my small home shredder was struggling to get through the documents I had to shred. I arranged to have Paper Shredding Services call and shred five boxes outside my door and this was done very quickly inside their shredding lorry. This was just what I needed and they even gave me bags (free) for storing my documents before I call them out again - and I will.
Alison, Avon Cosmetics, Edinburgh
We have been using Paper Shredding Services on an ad hoc basis for a couple of years. They recently provided us with an office style, lockable, console into which we put all of our paper waste for shredding and recycling. This has been great for us as our staff prefer using it rather than having their old paperwork piling up between shredding visits. We simply call them when the console needs to be emptied and they are usually out within a day or two. A perfect arrangement for us and we would recommend this Company to anyone looking to have their documents disposed of responsibly.
The Mortgage Centre Partnership, Leith Walk, Edinburgh
We used Paper Shredding Services mobile service following a clearout of documents at our offices and storage areas in Perth and Dundee. Their uniformed staff arrived promptly, were able to call at several sites in both locations in one day and shredded all of our confidential waste. On completion of the shredding we received a certificate confirming the destruction. They removed all of the shredded material and details of the recycling facility used for disposal were provided. This was a quality low cost service.
Miller Hendry (Solicitors) Perth & Dundee
Thanks to Paper Shredding Services, our documents have been destroyed securely with complete efficiency. We pride ourselves in maximising our recycling; a service that Paper Shredding Services excel in, and cap it off with a certificate of proof that all data is thoroughly destroyed. Due to Paper Shredding Services simple and complete service, we are now assured that our sensitive information is now gone forever.
Millar & Bryce, Edinburgh
Paper Shredding Services give us the complete package when it comes to data destruction. We needed documents such as personnel and financial records destroyed quickly and didn't have the time to take our documents to another shredding company. Paper Shredding Services superb mobile service creates minimal fuss, the staff are punctual, polite, efficient and had the job done in no time. We have peace of mind knowing that not only is our sensitive information completely destroyed, the shredded waste will be recycled.
Parklane Mortgage & Financial Exchange, Glasgow
We have been using Paper Shredding Services for many years to destroy our paper and digital records. From the start, they carried out our shredding requirements with diligence, professionalism, and dedication to customer service. And with a certificate of proof of shredding and recycling of all documents, we rest assured after every visit that our clients' data is securely destroyed, which is vital for their protection.
Archibald Sharp & Son (Solicitors), Glasgow
We are an Aberdeen based recycling and waste company and regularly need to dispose of sensitive office documents and confidential media. Staff papers, tax information, strategic documents - the only way to be sure they are not falling into the wrong hands is to shred them onsite by a professional company. This is where Paper Shredding Services came in to help. Their mobile shredding truck is now a regular visitor at our Aberdeen factory, providing security shredding of confidential material on paper, CD and DVD.
One Stop Waste Solutions, Aberdeen

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