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Onsite Shredding

In spite of the advances in digital technology paper consumption and the requirement for responsible disposal of it continues to increase. There is an ongoing risk of data and identity theft. Shredding your sensitive documents is vital to safeguard your business’ confidential information.

Disposal of information concerning your business, your employees or your customers’ needs to be carried out properly to avoid it falling into the wrong hands. This isn’t just good business practice, it’s the law. Paper Shredding Services’ mobile on site paper shredding services will give you peace of mind in knowing that all of your sensitive information has been destroyed, cannot be misused and is beyond the reach of data theft criminals. You can even witness the shredding if required.

What to Shred?

Knowing what documents to shred is important. What to keep and what to shred? As a general guide, these are the types of documents that should be shredded to ensure maximum data protection:

Paper Shredding Services' mobile shredding truck

Paper Shredding Services’ mobile shredding truck

  • Business reports
  • Budgets
  • Legal documents
  • Customer correspondence
  • Payroll data
  • Employee appraisals
  • Medical records
  • Product development data
  • Internal reports
  • Client details
  • Training manuals
  • Purchase orders & receipts
  • Staff training notes
  • Security procedures
  • Financial statements
  • Personnel records
  • In short… any information about any person or any business

We can arrange to have one of our mobile shredding trucks or collection trucks visit your location at an agreed time to shred your documents on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or an occasional basis.

How do you dispose of confidential documents and information?

Every organisation, no matter how small its administration, creates confidential information in hard copy and the preferred way to dispose of it is often to use the office shredder..

If you’re administering any type of business and you’re not sure if you need a paper shredding service – look for yourself.  Have a rummage through your general waste or recycling bins at the end of a busy working day. We are sure that you will find sensitive material in there that should have been shredded.

Once you’ve established that you need a document destruction process in place, the next step is to decide on the scale.

  • Small office shredders have their uses when volumes are very low but when paper shredding requirements escalate they just can’t cope.
  • To ensure 100% compliance with the GDPR keep it simple – call Paper Shredding Services and get all your sensitive material professionally shredded on-site.
  • We also recycle 100% of what we shred so you can be sure your doing your bit for the environment too.

What to consider when choosing a shredding company

When choosing a service provider, you need to ensure you’re dealing with a reputable company. In an industry that’s unlicensed there are some operators out there that simply self-regulate ……… but not Paper Shredding Services!

Paper Shredding Services meets the following standards.

  • Audited by a recognised external party and not just self-regulating.
  • UKAS approved ISO9001 Quality Management system with BSEN15713 embedded within the scope.
  • Audited annually for compliance and have all the necessary systems and processes in place to handle your confidential materials correctly.

Do it right – shred it on-site

We run a fleet of mobile shredding trucks that maximise both the security and efficiency of the paper shredding process.

All of our operatives are vetted to BS7858,  wear company uniforms, display photo IDs and are fully trained to handle confidential material through the entire shredding process. This takes place on your premises and you can witness the shredding if preferred. You will then be issued with a Certificate of Destruction before our operatives leave your premises.

Onsite Shredding Throughout Scotland

Our onsite and offsite shredding service trucks and collection vehicles operate in Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth and locations throughout the UK.

For more information about onsite shredding read our Case Studies or Frequently Asked Questions about Paper Shredding Services.

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