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Mobile Hard Drive and High Security Shredding in Scotland

With the ever growing need for peace of mind for security of digital information Paper Shredding Services has invested in cutting edge shredding technology.

The Only Dual Purpose Mobile Shredding Truck in Scotland

hard drive shredding truck scotland

Paper Shredding Services operate the only high security paper and hard drive shredding truck in Scotland.

Our new Shred-Tech MDX-2 shredding truck is one of the most advanced high security mobile shredders in the world.

It is the only mobile industrial shredder of its kind in Scotland and is capable of onsite hard drive destruction as well high security document destruction to DIN level 6 (particle size) (see photo below) for very confidential information should you require it.

No matter where you are in Scotland, if you have offices in Glasgow, a factory in Edinburgh, a retail park in Dundee or industrial facility in Aberdeen we can visit your premises and shred on site all of your confidential waste including hard drives and documents.

Simultaneous High Security Paper and Hard Drive Shredding

high security shredded paper scotland

High security paper shredding to DIN level 6 and compliant with European Standards.

Our mobile hard drive shredder can securely destroy your hard drives AT THE SAME TIME as shredding all your confidential paper documents. Your hard drives are shredded there and then and can be witnessed by you and your designated staff should this be required.

The vehicle itself is generally regarded as one of the most secure of its kind and is MoD approved.

Other digital storage devices we can destroy include:

hard drive shredding scotland

Our on site hard drive shredding service makes sure your confidential data is destroyed to European Standards.

  • SSD drives (internal and external)
  • Portable memory (USB flash drives, USB memory sticks, SD memory cards)
  • Optical discs (CD, DVD, Blu-ray)
  • Minidiscs
  • ZIP drives
  • Floppy disks and microfiche
  • Magnetic tape drives

If you have any old or used hard drives lying about the following scenarios indicate where you may need to destroy digital storage media:

  • After replacing computer hard drives
  • You have a cupboard or drawer full or old or previously used hard drives
  • Redundant and/or damaged flash drives

Risks Posed by Digital Storage Devices

Anyone can access information stored on a hard drive or other digital storage device simply by plugging it into a computer. Remember, even digital storage devices which have been reformatted can still store some information you may not want shared. There is only one way to ensure that information cannot be accessed and that is by getting your digital storage devices shredded.

Certificate of Destruction for Your Peace of Mind

All Paper Shredding Services’ staff are security vetted and are qualified to transport your confidential and digital storage devices from your premises to our mobile shredding truck. You or your staff can witness the destruction of your paper documents or hard drives beyond retrieval and you will and receive a Certificate of Destruction upon completion.

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