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Paper Shred Size

We are often asked what size we shred documents to. All our shredders shred to EN15713:2009 standards which is the Approved European Standard for Information Destruction. Please see the British Security Industry Association for more detailed information about data destruction to EN15713:2009 standard (PDF).

The photo below left shows what actually comes out of our shredders. Compare the shredded bits of paper to the shredded paper that is baled (below right) and it’s easy to see that in reality it would be impossible to piece any documents back together.

Shredded paper straight out of the shredder

Shredded documents straight out of one of our shredders.

Non-confidential bales shredded paper

Bales of shredded paper. Try retrieving your document out of that!

Contact us about confidential and non-confidential document shredding:

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