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Frequently Asked Questions

About Paper Shredding Services

Q. Why should I use a professional shredding company such as Paper Shredding Services?

Every business or organisation has confidential information that can be used against them if it falls into the wrong hands. There is also a raft of legislation GDPR for which there are severe penalties for non-compliance. Entrusting a reputable shredding company like Paper Shredding Services with the secure destruction of your confidential data is not just good business practice, it could save a business from heavy financial penalties and loss of sensitive data.

Q. How compliant are Paper Shredding Services?

Industry compliance is one of our strengths. Our accreditations are:

  • ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certification
  • EN15713:2009 Certification
  • Full member of the British Security Industry Association
  • Member of and supplier to The Shredding Alliance
  • Safe Contractor approved

Our shredding and security procedures also comply fully with the GDPR.

Q. What areas does Paper Shredding Services cover?

From our depot in Glasgow we are ideally located to provide onsite and off-site shredding services throughout Scotland and its major towns and cities including Aberdeen, Dundee, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Perth, Stirling, Ayr and Greenock.

Shredding for Business

Q. What size of jobs does Paper Shredding Services accept?

We offer shredding services for large and small businesses whether they operate from a small office or industrial premises or large office buildings or manufacturing plants.

Q. What kind of business/organisation should shred their data?

Any business that keeps records of company finances, staff details, estimates, quotations or proposals, invoices, customer and supplier details, bank statements and any other sensitive data. Actually the vast majority of businesses and organisations in the UK should shred their data.

Q. Do you offer shredding services to domestic customers?


Q. What businesses do Paper Shredding Services provide services for?

Our clients come from a wide variety of small and large businesses belonging to all industry sectors including healthcare, local government, legal, financial, marketing and travel.

Q. What items can be shredded?

Our heavy duty shredders and shredding trucks can shred almost anything whether made from paper, metal, plastic or textile. These include:

Printed promotional material (brochures, flyers, leaflets), digital storage devices (hard drives, flash drives, CDs, DVDs, USBs), customer and supplier databases, printed letters and emails, financial documents (invoices, accounts, budgets, bills, receipts, statements), marketing plans, medical and dental records and notes, employee application forms, personnel records, ID cards/badges, CCTV tapes and CDs, uniforms and branded personal protective equipment (PPE), headed paper, business cards, student records, mobile phones.

Q. What items should be shredded?

Basically any printed material or digital device which contains confidential information such as name, address and phone number should be shredded. Also anything that can be used for identification and security such as uniforms, ID badges and branded merchandise.

Q. How is confidential material stored prior to shredding?

We supply office style lockable waste cabinets/consoles as well as lockable wheelie bins for storage of confidential documents and material. For clearouts we can provide shredding bags. All our storage containers are provided free of charge.

Q. Where can my confidential documents be shredded?

When it comes to location, there are two kinds of shredding:

On-site shredding

Our mobile shredding trucks can visit and carry out shredding of your confidential materials at your business premises. This can be done at predetermined, scheduled times or on an ad hoc basis. You can witness the destruction of your materials and will be issued with a certificate of destruction/recycling on completion.

Off-site shredding

Our mobile shredding trucks can visit your business premises and transport your confidential materials to our shredding depot in Glasgow. It will be transported in our secure collection vehicles then shredded and baled for recycling on the same day. Our customers are welcome to visit our depot to witness the shredding process and will be issued with a certificate of destruction/recycling on completion.

Q. How can Paper Shredding Services guarantee my confidential material has been destroyed?

All our shredding complies with the GDPR and is carried out to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and EN15713:2009 standards by our fully trained and vetted staff. After your confidential material has been shredded we will issue you with a Certificate of Destruction.

Q. How often should confidential material be shredded?

It depends on how much sensitive data is produced and stored by your business but we can visit your premises as often as required either to a predetermined schedule (weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly or annually) which is a great way of minimising risk or on an ad hoc basis.

Q. What will you do with my shredded material?

All the material we shred is baled by us at our Glasgow shredding depot and delivered directly to UK paper mills for recycling.

Q. What training or accreditations do Paper Shredding Services staff have?

All Paper Shredding Services staff are fully vetted and highly trained in shredding and security procedures to comply with the GDPR. Our company ethos is centred around delivering peace of mind to all our clients.

Q. How safe will my confidential documents be once they have been picked up?

All confidential material in our care is transported in our secure collection vehicles and delivered to our Glasgow shredding depot which is a secure, alarmed area.

Q. Will I have to sign a contract?

There is no requirement to sign a contract. However, this can be arranged if needed.

Domestic Shredding

Please read our Domestic Shredding Frequently Asked Questions.


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